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Sale Price: $479.00 $431.10
You Save: $47.90
Manufacturer: FOSSIL
Weight: Free Shipping
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Q Wander is our newest digital display watch that connects seamlessly to your phone. Styled in stainless steel, the tech-savvy dial with touchscreen functionality includes customisable faces. This fashionable timepiece tracks everything from daily steps to calories. Notifications alert you of incoming calls and texts. Use the built-in microphone and speaker to do a variety of tasks on your smartwatch using just your voice. Stay charged for up to 24 hours (based on usage) with the magnetic wireless charger. From customisable watch faces to interchangeable straps, it's easy to tell time the smart(er) way with Q Wander.
*Powered by Android Wear™, this touchscreen smartwatch tracks activity, connects to your favourite apps, receives display notifications, and has customisable faces to fit your style. Fossil Q Wander is compatible with phones running Android™ OS 4.3+ or iPhone 5/iOS 8.2+. Supported features may vary by platform. Android and Android Wear are trademarks of Google Inc.

Functions: Personalise Your Dial / Control Your Music / Voice Activated Google / LED Flashlight / Google Maps Enabled / Interchangeable Watch Band

Connectivity: Bluetooth® Smart Enabled / 4.1 Low Energy, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n - Powered by Android Wear™

Compatibility: Android™ Devices 4.3+ and iOS 8+ / iPhone 5+

Battery Life: Estimated all day

Case Size: 45 mm
ACTIVITY TRACKING With built-in activity tracking, you can track your everyday accomplishments: steps, distance and calories burned.

NOTIFICATIONS Our smartwatches use Bluetooth technology to connect to your phone. When a notification or alert arrives, a gentle buzz lets you know right away.

INTERCHANGEABLE COMPATIBILITY This watch is compatible with all 22 mm straps. Check out all compatible 22 mm watch straps for this interchangeable design.

BATTERY LIFE This wearable has an estimated 24-hour battery life.*
*Battery life varies based on usage.

TOUCHSCREEN FUNCTIONALITY Emails, calls, messages—right at your fingertips.

ACTIVITY TRACKING Track your everyday accomplishments: steps, distance (select styles only) and calories burned.

CUSTOMISABLE WATCH STRAPS Match your Fossil Q to your look in seconds with interchangeable straps.

LED FLASHLIGHT Illuminate the interior of a carryall or small area with the LED flashlight.

SMARTPHONE NOTIFICATIONS Be notified of important texts, calls and app updates—all from your wrist.

MICROPHONE + SPEAKER Use the built-in microphone and speaker to do a variety of tasks on your smartwatch using just your voice.

ALARM CLOCK Whether it's a vibration or audible alert, set an alarm for wake-ups and workouts (and every reminder in between).

WIRELESS CHARGING Effortlessly charge your Fossil Q by placing it on the inductive charging magnet. No plugging or unplugging of cables required.

CUSTOMISABLE WATCH FACES Customise the face of your Fossil Q Touchscreen Smartwatch anytime you want. Simply choose a Fossil or Android Wear™ design, adjust the colours, then add the complications to your watch face.

CONTROL YOUR MUSIC Control your music with your phone's selected music player whether it's Spotify, Pandora, Soundcloud, Google Play, iTunes or Apple Music.

AUTO-UPDATE TIME/DATE When traveling to another time zone, your Fossil Q automatically updates to the correct local date and time.

WIRELESS SYNCING Automatically syncs to your phone so you can keep tabs on your activity and notifications without ever pushing a button.

POWERED BY ANDROID WEAR Android Wear™ connects your watch to your smartphone, so you can stay on top of what’s happening in your world without losing track of what’s in front of you.
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