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Sale Price: $349.00 $314.10
You Save: $34.90
Manufacturer: FOSSIL
Weight: Free Shipping
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Meet Q Nate, our military-inspired hybrid smartwatch that blends analogue design with smart connectivity. With our new smart technology, this rugged wrist essential is always on, always connected with a battery life up to six months (based on usage). Strapped in smooth leather, the Q Nate features Arabic and stick indices with a blacked-out dial and black brushed case. Using Bluetooth® technology, receive smartphone notifications and accomplish daily fitness goals when the hour, minute and sub-eye hands spin or the watch case vibrates. Set an alarm, view 24-hour time, compare time in multiple time zones and track everything from steps to calories to sleep. Press the bottom pusher to take a photo, control music or find your phone with the help of our Fossil Q App. Customise your look with interchangeable straps. Q Nate's simplicity and connectivity makes for the perfect on (or off) road companion.
Powered by the Fossil Q App, Fossil Q Hybrid Smartwatches are compatible with phones running Android™ OS 4.4+ or iPhone 5/iOS 8.2+.

Functions: Take a Picture / Control Your Music / Sleep Tracker / Step Tracker / Interchangeable Watch Band

Connectivity: Bluetooth® Smart Enabled / 4.1 Low Energy

Compatibility: Android™ OS 4.4+ or iPhone 5/iOS 8.2+

Battery Life: Up to 6 Months

Case Size: 50mm
ACTIVITY TRACKING With built-in activity tracking, you can track your everyday accomplishments: steps, distance and calories burned.

CONNECTIVITY Your wearable is compatible with Android™ and iOS smartphones, specifically with Android OS 4.4 or higher, iOS 8.2 / iPhone® 5 and above. All devices are Bluetooth® smart-enabled with an improved data transfer of 4.1 Low Energy

NOTIFICATIONS Our smartwatches use Bluetooth technology to connect to your phone. When a notification or alert arrives, a gentle buzz lets you know right away.

SMARTPHONE NOTIFICATIONS Be notified of important texts, calls and app updates—all from your wrist.

CHARGING NOT REQUIRED Your Fossil Q is always on and always connected with a battery life up to six months (varies by product).

CONTROL YOUR MUSIC Control your music with your phone's selected music player whether it's Spotify, Pandora, Soundcloud, Google Play, iTunes or Apple Music.

CUSTOMISABLE WATCH STRAPS Match your Fossil Q to your look in seconds with interchangeable straps.

SLEEP TRACKING Monitor your sleep duration and quality.

ACTIVITY TRACKING Track your everyday accomplishments: steps, distance (select styles only) and calories burned.

Q LINK Turn your smartwatch into a personal remote with Q LINK, a Smart Button feature that takes pictures, controls music or finds your phone.

RING YOUR PHONE Can't find your phone? Fossil Q can tell your smartphone to play an audible alert so you can find it fast.

CUSTOM GOAL SETTING Exercise. Drink more water. Eat better. Whatever your goal, your Fossil Q has what you need to make it happen.

WIRELESS SYNCING Automatically syncs to your phone so you can keep tabs on your activity and notifications without ever pushing a button.

AUTO-UPDATE TIME/DATE When traveling to another time zone, your Fossil Q automatically updates to the correct local date and time.

MULTIPLE TIME ZONES Keep track of the local time and the time in another part of the world.

TAKE A PHOTO Take a photo with your phone camera app or Snapchat.

ALARM CLOCK Whether it's a vibration or audible alert, set an alarm for wake-ups and workouts (and every reminder in between).
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